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  1. Science for Children is an incredible electronic text written in traditional format that includes 66 standards-based, cross-curricular lessons with scaffolded student response sheets and two video disks that show how to set up each investigation.

    Download a sample lesson, “Motion Investigation #9 – What Forces Act on the Penny?” (PDF, 2.7 MB)

  1. Understanding by Design: Science for Children is a must have resource book written in an UbD format that includes great ways to differentiate instruction. Thirty-three lessons are presented with assessments, scaffolded student response sheets and a video disk that shows how to set up each investigation.

    Download a sample lesson, “How Does an Aluminum Rod Produce Sound?” (PDF, 2.9 MB)

  1. The Wonders of Science Book 1 and 2 are brilliantly illustrated spiral bound books of poems and songs that reinforce the science concepts covered in the resource books listed above. What a great idea! Using music, raps, poems, songs and witty illustrations to ensure that students grasp science concepts! Electricity, Pressure, Motion, Sound, Color Pigments, Matter and Energy are the concepts presented in these amazing books. Check them out at www.lulu.com!

    Download a sample poem “Let’s Pretend for a Moment” (PDF, 782 KB)

  2. A DVD of the words, music and illustrations from The Wonders of Science Book 1 and 2 is available to further enhance classroom learning.

    Download a sample song “Energy” (PDF, 655 KB)

  1. A Science Fun Day License is now available for school districts or for individuals. We provide the kits, cue cards (for the volunteers to ensure that they understand the concept and know what to ask the students to ensure that they do too), and training. You provide the enthusiasm! For more information on obtaining a licensing, visit our Licensing page.

    Download our License Agreement (PDF, 33 KB)