directors – Dr. john & Catherine hunt

In 1996 when Dr. John Hunt was teaching eighth grade science at Ramstein Jr. High, Ramstein, Germany (DoDDS), he used a daily discrepant event to get students engaged in learning. These students shared what they had learned in class with their families. A group of their third grade siblings
approached him and asked if they could also do some of these discrepant events. He took his eighth grade students to their school gym and conducted a Science Fun Day for them.

For this event an eighth grader designed a Science Fun Day T-shirt. The eighth graders wore these yellow and green T-shirts at the Science Fun Day. Fifty eighth grade students taught 240 third grade students science discrepant events that day. It was a huge success! This was the beginning of Science Fun Day!

In 1997 when Dr. Hunt was appointed Science Coordinator for Kaiserslautern ISD, which included 18 elementary schools, he conducted many Science Fun Days in these schools over the next five years using military parent volunteers to teach students in grades 3-8.

In 2001, Dr. Hunt moved to Mississippi, started teaching at Mississippi College taking the Science Fun Day concept with him. Since that time, he and his wife Catherine have conducted 12-17 Science Fun Days per year and have taught 4,000+ parents who have in-turn taught 18,000+ students physical science concepts in a Science Fun Day setting.

(June 2010)

For a more detailed account of John and Catherine’s professional credentials, please download their resumes below:

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